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Secure your financial future.

Securing your financial future.

INVEST PHILIPPINES provides everything sophisticated investors require in order to  safely access one of the world’s most intriguing and lucrative equities  markets–the Philippine Stock Market.

Introducing one of the Philippines’ only managed account investment services utilizing the performance fee.

This performance-based approach means our compensation is a percentage of your annual return.  This means we win only when the investor wins.

If you’re tired of being charged high commissions by mediocre brokers, a managed account may be just what you’re looking for!

Enjoy the journey and it is our hope the information you find here will pave the way for a safe yet rewarding investment experience.


Chinese Rose Marble Half Slice

“The best decisions are made by well-informed people.”

–Chatham House

Chinese Rose Marble Half Slice


E. M. Murray.  Managed Equities.  Fixed Downside Risk.

E. M. Murray. Customized Stock Portfolios. Professional Management. Fixed Downside Risk.

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