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High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

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Interesting insights from a pre-high frequency prop trading perspective.

This is a totally different angle from your typical retail trading experience.


Merits of Rules Governed Trading

In DEEP Investing on September 20, 2009 at 2:40 PM
Do you, your broker, or your investment manager have a pre-flight checklist?

Do you, your broker or your investment manager have a pre-flight checklist?

.Chinese Rose Marble Half Slice

“After 20 years of trading, I find it almost impossible to trade without a plan that does not have fixed rules.”

–Robert Krauscz, New Market Wizard

Chinese Rose Marble Half Slice


Can you imagine the pilot of a jumbo jet climbing into the cockpit, firing up the engines, and hurtling down the runway into the sky without a second thought?  I mean, no checklist, no clearance from the tower, no nothin’? Read the rest of this entry »